Find The Rhythm

When a man loves the work he does,there’s a wonderful joy it brings. Not just mastering tools, or remembering rules, or just doing the same old thing. It goes much deeper within him. It’s so very much like romance. He

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A Gift from Kofi Burbridge – A Gentle Genius

Kofi Burbridge with the Tedeschi Trucks Band I only met Kofi Burbridge one time, but it was perhaps the most encouraging experience of my musical life time. I was driving UBER and picked him up near the stage door after a

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Playing A Martin Is Like Driving A Classic Jaguar

Click The Guitar, TODAY!!! Get your Martin GPC-28E Grand Performance 14 Fret Acoustic-Electric Guitar Sunburst “I visit music stores on a regular basis as something fun to do. I test drive Martins every chance I get. To me, playing a Martin

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How is the Indie Musician different from other musicians

The term Indie Musician or the DIY Musician, as described in the first article, was coined in the 80’s short for “Independent Artist”. They were usually singer-songwriters or band who recorded and released their own records independently of the music moguls.

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Who Is Over the Cliff Again

Original Song “Over The Cliff Again” Adrianna sits on the porch overlooking her forest yard that leads down to the lake. She thinks about his original song, “Over The Cliff Again.” He’s always throwing it in her face.  It’s quiet, only

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For Your Listening Pleasure

Learn how to evaluate Song Clips as an expert by following our sampling tips.  Sampling songs are very similar to sampling fine wine. First of all, you’ll need the right setting that is free from distractions to get the full flavor of

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Can I really get my music played online?

The Next Big Music Star – Maybe Will taking charge of your own music career, DIY, turn you into a well-paid star overnight? Probably not. Yet, it is possible. It takes a lot of motivation and sticktoitiveness. Most people don’t

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How to get started in the music industry

Doing Everything And Getting No Place in the Music Industry Since my youth, I dreamed of having a music career, performing on stage for thousands. People told me I was a better than average musician and singer-songwriter. But, I still had

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How can I get my music registered to make money?

We hear terms like copyright, registering music, licensing music, BMI, ASCAP and more. Let’s work through all these terms and see if we can make some sense out of all of it and understand how to get your music to

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How do I get my music played online? With a Fan Base?

In last week’s post, we looked at how Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift got their start in the music industry. Today we’re going to take a deeper look at what gave Ed Sheeran his biggest push towards stardom and how

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