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Are you still not making the progress you want, even though you take guitar lessons, practice a lot and have been trying to improve for a long time? 


Chances are you are probably standing in your own way of becoming a great guitar player.


Most people have more than enough things (licks, techniques, exercises, scales etc.) to practice, but their approach to practicing guitar is often ineffective, inefficient and unorganized. 


Guitar players who use a highly effective, goal-oriented guitar practice schedule improve their overall guitar playing up to an astounding 407% ! A highly effective guitar practice schedule is critical to reaching your musical goals.


You have two (2) ways of improving your practice:

Design your own system using the steps included in our guide


Get the only tool that does all the hard parts for you

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“When I think about how much more I’m doing and how much more I’m making being in the Music Careers Mentoring Program, it just makes me think: I wish I would have done this a long time ago!...

Annette Bzdawka | Wisconsin, USA


"I have been a client of the Tom Hess Music Corporation for over 10 years. In that time I have had many wonderful experiences and breakthroughs in my guitar playing."


Maurice Richard | Nova Scotia, Canada


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