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How is the Indie Musician different from other musicians

The term Indie Musician or the DIY Musician, as described in the first article, was coined in the 80’s short for “Independent Artist”. They were usually singer-songwriters or band who recorded and released their own records independently of the music moguls.

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Who Is Over the Cliff Again

Original Song “Over The Cliff Again” Adrianna sits on the porch overlooking her forest yard that leads down to the lake. She thinks about his original song, “Over The Cliff Again.” He’s always throwing it in her face.  It’s quiet, only

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For Your Listening Pleasure

Learn how to evaluate Song Clips as an expert by following our sampling tips.  Sampling songs are very similar to sampling fine wine. First of all, you’ll need the right setting that is free from distractions to get the full flavor of

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Song Clips

Hiding in Plain Sight Get Your Copy at iTunes Add to your Spotify Playlist Over the Cliff Again

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Hiding In Plain Sight

After two divorces and three kids, I didn’t think I would ever find the person that I could spend the rest of my life with. Angry. Depressed. After registering for all the online dating services, I met the same type

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I want to personally welcome you to this awesome community of music enthusiasts. Enter your info below to updates as new songs are released. Oh yeah, and I’d love to get to know you better! Follow me on social media and tell

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How To Get Started in Music the DIY Way

The DIY WAY The big problem is that many of us believe what the music execs tell us about having a successful music career. The advice given by the “music experts” is totally one-sided from their point-of-view, their “bottom line”.

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Retro Music That Will Make You Cry, Laugh or Get Angry

“What is Retro Music?” Retro Music is a term that seems to be floating around. What does it actually mean? Is there a difference between Retro Music and Modern Retro Music? Modern Retro Music Modern Retro Music is music that

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Who is Larry S. Warfield?

“Larry S. Warfield’s Modern Retro Sound is a tasteful blend of R&B and Country, simmered with a Jazz flavor. Follow his journey in creating an online fanbase. How? Entertainment + Engagement.” As a son and grandson of Baptist ministers, Larry

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The Indie Artist

The term Indie Artist, coined in the 80’s by the media, is short for ‘Independent Artist’.  It describes the band or singer-songwriter who records and releases their own records or albums released under independent labels. Often times, the Indie Artist

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