Hiding In Plain Sight – The Story

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Hiding In Plain SightAfter two divorces and three kids, I didn’t think I would ever find the person that I could spend the rest of my life with. Angry. Depressed. After registering for all the online dating services, I met the same type of women, ones who didn’t want a long-term relationship. They only wanted a good time. I began to wonder if that perfect woman even existed. With two exes and three kids would any woman even want to get involved with me?

I liked to go to Market Square for my afternoon lunch or just a cup of coffee to watch the people. I guess I thought that special someone would suddenly appear.  Things like that don’t happen.

My depression was worse than usual. It was my birthday, after all, and I sat alone in the sidewalk cafe. The sun was beginning to fade leaving behind bright reds and oranges in the evening sky. Nursing my coffee, I felt more alone than usual. There was no-one to share this special moment with.

I Turned

Something or someone caught my eye when I started to leave. Another look. A group of women stood by the fountain talking and laughing. One woman stood a little distance away, alone. She didn’t look like she was with the group, yet, she seemed to be enjoying their presence. She walked to a nearby bench and sat.

Had I seen her before? Yes, several times while having my afternoon coffee. As I recalled she had always been alone. But this time was different. She caught my eye. Why now? I wondered.

A voice said, “She’s the one.” I looked around, but there was no-one close enough to speak to me. The voice said again, “She’s the one.”

Intrigued. Whose voice was it? God’s? Mine? Who’s?

Watching her with more intensity became my obsession. Who was she? Why was she in Market Square?  Thinking back over the weeks, months, I recalled seeing her on many occasions. Was she really the one I’d spend the rest of my life with. I didn’t even know her name. It was like she had been Hiding In Plain Sight waiting for me to find her.

Lost in thought, I pondered my next move. Do I just walk up to her and propose? I didn’t even know her name. My attention came back to the moment. I looked in her direction. She was gone.

My quest began. For the first time in months, maybe a year, I had something or someone to look forward to. My afternoon coffee breaks became filled with anticipation. The days looked brighter. My excitement began to mount as I watched her from a distance trying to build up the courage to just ask her name.

As I continued to watch… a song idea began forming in my mind – “Hiding In Plain Sight.”

by Dena Warfield