How To Be Motivated In Your Guitar Practice

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    Key Point: 

    In your guitar practice, if you are trying to practice too many things, each item gets less and less of your attention.

    The internet is a wealth of information about any subject you could think of. When you collect practice instructions from several different teachers who have different teaching strategies. You may get practice material that you aren’t ready for yet. By trying to practice everything you collect, you may not get the time needed on the skills that you need to improve your playing now. Therefore, your progress is slower. When progress is slower you are often less motivated to do the practicing that is needed for success.


    Find a teacher that plays or teaches the type of playing that you want. If you want to play heavy metal you need a heavy metal guitar teacher, not someone who teaches classical guitar. You could learn the basics from either teacher, but faster progress will be achieved with the right teacher. You will also be more motivated with a teacher that plays your type of music.

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    What To Expect From Your Teacher: 

    Your teacher should tell you what to practice. If you pick up some practice material from a different source, ask your teacher about it. Don’t waste valuable practice time on something that is not going to get you where you want to go. Practice the lessons your teacher gives you with a laser-like focus. Ignore everything else.  If you do what your teacher tells you to do you will make faster progress and have fun doing it. This is also what will help you become a better musician faster.

    Reason For No Progress:

    Often when we try to reach specific musical goals without effective practice schedules we have very slow progress. It takes the right type of practice to achieve your dream goals. When you allow yourself to get distracted and start trying to play songs that are beyond your skill set, you waste time and don’t learn the necessary skills.

    It’s necessary for you to feel certain that you are improving every time you practice. In order to achieve this, you need to know exactly what to practice, when to practice, the right order to practice your lessons in and the amount of time. It is very important to create effective practice schedules to maximize your practice.

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