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How is the Indie Musician different from other musicians

The term Indie Musician or the DIY Musician, as described in the first article, was coined in the 80’s short for “Independent Artist”. They were usually singer-songwriters or band who recorded and released their own records independently of the music moguls.

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The Indie Artist

The term Indie Artist, coined in the 80’s by the media, is short for ‘Independent Artist’.  It describes the band or singer-songwriter who records and releases their own records or albums released under independent labels. Often times, the Indie Artist

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Larry S. Warfield Music

Larry S. Warfield Music presents Retro Style Original Songs. Listen to Hiding In Plain Sight (full version) on SoundCloud. Will be available on Tunecore soon. Furthermore, join me on My Journey. See who I am and where I’ve been to get to

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