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“James Taylor”  the self-titled debut album, written and recorded by James Taylor released on December 6, 1968.

This was the first recording by a non-British artist by Apple Records and was Taylor’s only release on that label.

Something in the Way She Moves was Taylor’s first recording in the fall of 1968.

Guitars, acoustic, acoustic-electric, electric, ukuleles, and travel guitars in every price range.

Keyboard Pianos for beginners and advanced pianists. Shop according to the number of keys.

Singing Lessons

Beginning Guitar Lessons

Learn the art of playing the Harmonica while playing the guitar. You will Wow your audience!

Newbie to the ukulele? Fear not! These lessons will teach you everything you need to know.

The Best Way To Learn Piano Method also works with other instruments and very is beneficial.

Whether you cover, arrange, compose or perform, this class will enhance your playing.

Bending is one of the most unique and expressive techniques a guitar player can master. 

 It’s not how long you or how hard you or even what you practice. It’s how you practice.

Don’t limit your playing. Learn more chords and expand your playing and wow your audience.

Developing your own voice for blues soloing and improvisation requires deliberate and attention.

Play rhythm and lead guitar playing a variety of jazz feels, tempos, and keys.

Have fun with 10 funky multi-track video jams in a variety of feels, tempos, and keys.

Live Plus Soloing  by Carl Verheyen

My Guitar Heroes by Josh Smith

Creative Blues Soloing by Tim Pierce

Southern Roots by Scott Sharrard

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