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As we add to our website, it will become Your One-Stop Shopping location for Guitars and Gear, Keyboards, Lessons, Videos, Albums and MP3s, Live Streaming, Reviews and, of course, links to get started on your journey to being a musician – All Music Things!!

Do you need an instrument upgrade or a new model of your favorite instrument? Do you need online lessons to move your skill to the next level?

Larry S Warfield Music is here to help you become the musician you’ve always dreamed of, no matter your age. We will also present news, reviews, and more.

Best Online Guitar Lessons 2020

Best Online Guitar Lessons
Best Online Guitar Lessons

TrueFire’s online guitar courses are ranked among Best Online Guitar LessonsThey specialize in teaching techniques over songs. They also offer private video lessons when needed.

Private online lessons and consultations from one or more of the top instructors will help you achieve your goal. You can choose the educator who specializes in the style or instrument you want to master. 

TrueFire offers an accelerated learning program for beginning, intermediate, and advanced guitarists.

Their courses are specially designed for different skill levels. The Learning Path assesses your current skill level and designs a personalized course of video lessons taught by world-class guitarists and teachers.

Guitar Lessons by Style

Help with Practice

Most people have more than enough things (licks, techniques, exercises, scales, etc.) to practice, but they are not using the Best Guitar Practice Routine. Their practicing guitar is often ineffective, inefficient, and unorganized, resulting in slow progress.

Check out the Best Guitar Practice Routine and see how you can improve your overall guitar playing with an effective practice schedule.

Need Help With Practice?

Do you seem to be losing motivation to practice your guitar? In your guitar practice, if you are trying to practice too many things, each item gets less and less of your attention. It also diminishes your motivation.

Are you trying to practice everything? If so,  you will not get the practice time needed on the skills your progress will be slow. 

The Martin GPC-16E, first introduced at Nashville NAMM 2019, is an exciting addition to the redesigned 16 Series guitars. It is a 25.4” scale length, Grand Performance acoustic-electric guitar great, for the guitarist who wants the warm, full tone with robust projection.

The Martin GPC-16E is an American-made Martin guitar crafted with satin-finished East Indian Rosewood back and sides and Sitka Spruce top. Furthermore, it’s more affordable than some of the other Martin guitars, such as the D18 or D28, even though its solid wood construction,

The 14-fret Grand Performance has a thinner 000 depth, which provides a satisfying body resonance and fuller bass tones.

Guitars and other instruments coming soon!!

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