Larry and Dena Warfield

As you read each of our stories about us, you will see from each of our stories, we have both been musicians from an early ago.

Dena started playing the piano at age 4 because of her mother’s insistence that she was not going to play by ear. She had started playing little tunes she heard on the piano. That was not allowed. 

Larry taught himself how to play the guitar from listening to his favorite guitarist and picking through a guitar book. He was all about playing everything by ear once he learned how to play.

Messing classical music with Jazz, Blues and Rock’nRoll  became an uphill battle at times. Read our stories and get to know us better.

Others, like Jherek Bischoff,  have combined classical music with Rock and Roll from unique sounds. But we took the path of Dena writing about Larry’s music. I hope you like it.

Larry S. Warfield
Dena Warfield

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