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Dena Warfield

Dena’s Journey

Dena Warfield’s journey began way back, as it did for all of us. At a very early age, I was all about music. At age 4, I would try to play songs I had heard by ear on the piano. My mother wouldn’t have any of that, so she enrolled me in piano lessons. I was so young the teacher had to teach me the alphabet first.

My course was set for me to be a classical pianist. I took lessons until I was 16 when I, like many teenagers, wanted to play rock-n-roll, but my course in the classical direction had already been set. I played off and on through my adult life.

My adult life turned a different corner,  spending approximately 40 years in office management and as a programmer analyst working in both the private sector and county government.

I finally decided it was time to pursue a more creative course, returning to college to earn a Master’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s in  Creative Writing.

Dena’s New Journey

Since graduation, I co-owned and managed a direct marketing company, with my husband, working, primarily, with regional news organizations.  I managed the business office, human resources, and helped with training and marketing.  Coaching employees to help them overcome adversity in sales and achieve their desired results became one of my main responsibilities.

When I met Larry S. Warfield, my husband of 25 years, who is a guitarist and songwriter, and a very good one, I might add, I realized I was a classical pianist, not a rock-n-roller. Now, he plays and writes music and I’m more of a publisher. All the training I had in my early years has given me an ear for music that I never could have imagined.

Here I can put my years of business and programming experience together with my music and writing, giving you, the reader, information about how you can fulfill that inner desire that has always nagged you to play an instrument, write a song or express yourself in singing. It’s never too late to fulfill your dreams.

Bachelors of Arts with a major in Psychology
Masters of Arts with a major in Human Behavior
Masters of Fine Arts with major in Creative Writing

Dena WarfieldWriter & Classical Musician: Using faith in God to weave truth into
stories & articles that help with personal struggles.
Larryswarfieldmusic.com, medium.com/@denawarfield/follow, Denawarfield.com


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