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Acoustic Guitars

The guitar has been among the most popular musical instruments of today. Most music that you hear on the radio uses guitars. Pop, rock, reggae, blues, ballads, all use the guitar.

In modern music, the guitar is frequently accompanied by the drums and the piano.

The playability of the guitar has made it a very popular instrument. A guitar can be played by a beginner or an experienced guitarist.

Playing the guitar is a symbol of talent and musical prowess, but during the early days, the guitar was actually a symbol of being poor and it was not accepted by most classical musicians.

But today the guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments.

There are different kinds of guitars available for different guitarists. Each guitar differs in terms of sound quality, overall appearance, and playability.

If you want to get into the guitar world, you need to start learning the acoustic guitar. In order to produce resonating sounds, acoustic guitars rely heavily on their structural and body shape.

In contrast to modern electric guitars, their sound is not powered by anything external. The natural vibrations of the strings resonate through the body of the guitar creating the sound.

Martin Guitars

C.F. Martin & Company, commonly referred to as Martin, was founded by Christian Frederick Martin in 1833. Their acoustic guitars are highly respected, and they have been considered the leading manufacturer of flat-top guitars. The company also makes mandolinselectric guitars, bassesand ukuleles. Their primary factory is located in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, with a second location in Mexico. Read More


Martin D-16E 

Martin GPC-16E 

Martin D-28

Martin LX1RE

Martin LXK2

Martin SC-13E

Martin D-10E


A small, guitar-like instrument, the ukulele was introduced to Hawaii by Portuguese immigrants from Madeira. It quickly became popular in other parts of the United States during the early 20th century, and then spread internationally.

Donner Ukulele

Soprano Ukulele

Beginner Ukulele 

Prof. Ukulele

Taylor Guitars

Since its inception in 1974, Taylor Guitars has grown to become a leading global manufacturer of premium acoustic guitars. Taylor acoustic guitars integrate cutting-edge manufacturing techniques with an attention to detail that compares to none in the world. Among other high-tech tools and machinery, Bob Taylor’s company is recognized throughout the musical instrument industry as the visionary acoustic guitar manufacturer.

Our site offers lots of information about Taylor guitars and how to make such an important choice. Learn about different types of woods and construction that are essential to acoustic guitars. Read More

Baby Taylor

BBT Taylor Lefty

Taylor 214ce 

Taylor 224ce-K


Fender began making quality electric guitars in the 1950s. They branched out with their first acoustic guitars in the summer of 1963. The first acoustic were flat-top instruments with bolt-on necks, headstocks similar in style to the Stratocaster, and pickguards that were screwed-on. Most of their acoustic models had an unusual bracing system and stabilizing mechanism. Since the early acoustic guitars, the name has become identified with affordable starter guitars. Because of the value for the cost, the Fender Acoustic Guitar makes it an ideal instrument for many musicians.

Fender Squier Dreadnought

Fender Solid Top Dreadnought

Fender Malibu Midnight Satin

Fender Newport Special Mahogany