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Listening To Music

Listening-PleasureLearn how to evaluate Song Clips as an expert by following our sampling tips.  Sampling songs is very similar to the sampling of fine wine. First of all, you’ll need the right setting that is free from distractions to get the full flavor of the music.

The right environment enhances your listening pleasure. In contrast, a noisy or crowded room where kids or pets are romping and playing will make it difficult to hear and concentrate on the nuances of Larry S. Warfield’s Original Songs.

If you are one that enjoys the sound of the waves from the ocean or the gentle slaps of the water against the lakeshore, take your SmartPhone to the shoreline. Find a nice shady, comfortable place. Pull up the website and start the player.

Or perhaps you can shoo the kids and pets outside and curl up in your comfy place for a rewarding musical experience.

Listening Tips

Many people view listening to music as a passive experience. In contrast, listening can also be an active process where much can be learned from different types of music. The lyrics also give you a glimpse into the songwriter’s soul, his life, his hopes, and dreams, his sorrows, and joys. Continue with the Listening Tips Below the player.

  • Once your listening conditions are as close to neutral as possible, your next step is to find a comfortable chair or recliner or by the lake as mentioned above where you can listen without distraction.
  • Start the audio player on the first song.
  • Close your eyes and picture the scene being described in the lyrics.
  • Feel the emotions.
  • Listen to the rhythm and melody of the Song Clips.
  • When all Song Clips have played, decide which is your favorite.
  • Furthermore, you may need to listen to the Clips several times to determine your choice.


by Dena Warfield

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