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Smart Practice

All Music Things is excited to offer TrueFire’s Smart Practice. Jeff Scheetz, the Director of Education for TrueFire has designed a guitar practice routine, especially for guitarists, called Smart Practice. The system walks the student through practice step-by-step.

The answer is really very simple. It’s not just how long you practice. Or how hard you practice. Or even what you practice. It’s how you practice. Vince Lombardi said it best, ”Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.” TrueFire’s Director of Education, Jeff Scheetz calls it Smart Practice and he’s designed a step-by-step guitar practice routine just for guitarists.

In The Jam

TrueFire’s In The Jam provides an exceptional jamming experience for the practicing musician. The Jam is different from any other on the market. It is the next best thing to practicing with a live band. And you will be practicing with some of the top artists. 

Each edition of In The Jam is uniquely organized with  10 multi-track video jams separated into video and audio tracks for each instrument.

You can adjust the video for your ultimate experience by muting, soloing, or adjusting the volume of all of the tracks. Plus, each jam includes a lead sheet chart showing the chord changes and the general structure of the jam.

A Live Band Experience

There’s no better way to develop your improvisational skills than getting up on the bandstand and jamming with a solid rhythm section and other players. In The Jam brings that bandstand into your practice room!

Jam Tracks are available with the purchased lessons or you can purchase the Jam Tracks in a bundle.

The best part, though, on TrueFire’s website you can play the Jam Tracks for free!!

Now, how good is that.

In The Jam: Frank Vignola & Julian Lag

This Jam track features Frank Vignola & Julian Lage,  showcasing their rhythm and lead guitar playing across 10 multi-track video…

In The Jam: NYC Funk

 In The Jam: NYC Funk features Chris Buono on guitar, Steve Jenkins on bass, and Keith Carlock on drums performing 10 funky multi-track video jams… 


In The Jam: Blues Speak

“In this edition of Blues Speak I recorded live in the studio with my touring rhythm section featuring bass, drums, and B3 organ, Texas shuffles, some funky stuff…

In The Jam: TrueHeart Blues

“In this edition, we’ll jam together over some gospel progressions, classic rock, and roll, a funky sharp nine vamp, Chicago style shuffles, slow blues, minor blues…

In The Jam with Mimi Fox

In The Jam: Jazz with Mimi Fox

”For this edition, I put together a terrific rhythm section and we’ll be jamming together over minor and major blues, minor and major 2-5 changes, a couple of jazz standard progressions…

In The Jam: Rock, Blues & Country

”For this edition, I put together a killin’ rhythm section and produced 10 jam tracks live in the studio covering a wide range of feels, tempos, and keys… 

In The Jam: Kid Andersen

In this edition, I’ve put together 10 backing tracks that represent the range of feels that I play at my own shows. We’ll jam together over tough Chicago-style shuffles, a honky-tonk swing blues… 

30 Jam Band Licks

”This collection of 30 Jam Band licks is based around my favorite jam band progressions and I’ll show you how to string those chords together with melodies… 

In The Jam with Robben Ford

In The Jam with Robben Ford

Pull your time travel suit out of the closet to start your learning adventure back on Friday, October 27th of 2013, in one of Nashville’s premier recording studios…

Multi-Track Video Jams – You Control the Mix!

TrueFire’s In The Jam delivers an unparalleled jamming experience for the practicing musician. The next best thing to being there live, In The Jam puts YOU in the jam with top artists.

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Each edition includes:

  • 10 multi-track video jams
  • Ability to mute, solo, and adjust volume
  • Lead sheet chart with chord changes
  • Artist commentary

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