How to Find a Good Acoustic Guitar for a Beginning Guitarist 

Many “wanna-be” guitarists think it looks easy and they can learn on their own. And many do. But, with good instruction, whether in person or online, you can develop good “guitar techniques” and cut your learning time.  Many guitarists who are self-taught often develop bad habits…

Taylor Acoustic Guitars

Taylor Guitars, one of the largest acoustic guitar manufacturers in the United States, is located in El Cajon, California. They specialize in acoustic guitars in a variety of different sizes, plus semi-hollow body electric guitars. Their lower-priced guitars, the Baby Taylor and Big Baby Taylor acoustic guitars …

Martin Acoustic Guitars

Martin LXK2 Acoustic Guitar

C.F. Martin & Company, commonly referred to as Martin, was founded by Christian Frederick Martin in 1833. Their acoustic guitars are highly respected, and they have been considered the leading manufacturer of flat-top guitars. The company also makes mandolinselectric guitars, bassesand ukuleles… 

Martin GPC-16E Acoustic-Electric

The Martin Acoustic-Electric Guitar GPC-16E, first introduced at Nashville NAMM 2019, is an exciting addition to the redesigned 16 Series guitars. It is a 25.4” scale length, Grand Performance acoustic-electric guitar great, for the guitarist who wants the warm, full tone with robust projection.

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