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Guitar Quick Start

Is your dream to be a great guitar player?
Then you’re in the right place.

First Steps For Beginners

Next Steps For Beginners

You have finished the courses First Steps For Beginners and “Next Steps For Beginners” or you already know some chords, strumming techniques, and can play single-note lines, plus several songs. Either way, you are ready to go to the next level after choosing your style of guitar playing. For example, this link is for the Acoustic Guitar: Guitar Quick Start. Each style will have its own Quick-Start Course.

Guitar Quick Start

The Learning Path System in TrueFire has “First Steps For Beginners,” “Next Steps For Beginners,” and “Quick-Start” for each style of music. This enables you to learn the unique chords and strumming patterns for the Learning Path you choose. 

In the Quick-Start For Beginners guitar courses, the guitarists must already know the basic skills: several chords and strumming patterns plus are able to play several songs and single-note lines. 

As mentioned above, each Learning Path Style teaches techniques that are unique to each particular style. For example, in the Acoustic Guitar Style, you’ll start by learning a classic rhythm pattern, a chord progression, and a Fingerstyle pattern used in many songs.

Acoustic guitars are used in different styles of music, so the techniques taught in the course will vary in style, somewhat. Included in the Acoustic course is the 12 bar progressions used in acoustic blues.

Watch this video by Brooks Robertson to see what the lessons are like.

Practice With Jam Tracks

Trust assured the instructors will demonstrate key examples on the practice jam tracks when necessary. This will show you how the techniques are used in real-world settings. You will also get the feeling of playing in a real-world context. All the pertinent information will be tabbed and noted in your jam track, reference, and study materials.

Playing with TrueFire’s jam tracks has definitely made a change in how you practice. You have control of the jam tapes to slow them down, repeat areas needed. You can also slow down the tab and notations for easy learning.

If you are concerned about having to learn to read music and learn music theory, don’t be. You will play your way through all of the guitar courses until you are ready or find the need to learn how to read music.

What You'll Learn and How It Works

  • You’ll get in the groove with a classic rhythm pattern.
  • Learn a chord progression that many songs use.
  • Versatile Fingerstyle technique for use in any song.
  • Acoustic guitar techniques.
  • Acoustic blues.
  • 12 Bar progression.
  • New chords.
  • New essential rhythm patterns.


You will see demonstrations of all the key examples played over jam tracks (if applicable). This will give you an idea of how to play them in the real world. and how to apply them in a musical, performance context.
You will also see key examples of tabbed and notated charts for your practice. Everything you need for practice, reference, and studies are included in the lesson.
Also included are the Guitar Pro files which enable you to play, loop, or slow down the tab and notation as you practice the lessons. You can repeat any section as needed so you can really learn the material. It is all under your control.
The great thing is that all the jam tracks are yours to use as you work on your own.
Take the course at your own speed. Go at the speed that is comfortable for you. It gives you the opportunity to really learn the lesson before moving on to the next lesson.

Are you ready to get started?

The Next Step Towards Being The Guitarist you want to be will be in one of the Learning Path Styles, such as the Jazz Guitar Lessons.


Supplementary Material

Supplementary material is available if you want to dig deeper or wider into any part of the material covered in the core course. The Supplementary materials contain more examples, techniques, and insight from the top TrueFire teachers.

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