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Intermediate & Advanced Guitar Lessons

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TrueFire has been teaching guitar lessons since 1991. Currently, they have amassed over 40,000 video guitar lessons and 700 full courses. Over the years they have collaborated with over 600 world-renown guitarists and teachers. They currently have a million members that use the site regularly. They specialize in advanced and intermediate guitar lessons.


World-Renowned Guitarists and Educators

One of the most important reasons for TrueFire’s success is the level of their educators. Among them you will find Steve Vai, Robben Ford, and Tommy Emmanuel, each of whom is a guitar icon on the music world stage. These are just three of the current 200 incredible guitarists currently teaching TrueFire’s intermediate and advanced courses. As you go through the different posts on this site you will see different instructors and snippets of their courses available on TrueFire.

Advanced and Intermediate Guitar Course Samples

As mentioned above, TrueFire really excels in their advanced and intermediate guitar lessons. They are known among the online guitar lessons and others as having exceptional material and educators in their more advanced courses. In the intermediate and advanced courses, you will discover a wide variety of courses and supplemental material in all guitar styles. These courses are designed to equip guitarists to be able to step into the professional arena. It is important for working guitarists to excel in rhythm guitar as they will spend on an average of 90% of their time playing behind vocalists and other musicians. Therefore, TrueFire focuses on a wide variety of chords, rhythm styles, and picking techniques that will prepare the guitarist to be proficient in any musical setting.

Many more courses are available in the Advanced and Intermediate courses offered. 

Creative Blues by Tim Pierce

My Guitar Heroes

Technique Builders

Help With Practice

Southern Roots

Corey Congilio

50 Blues Rhytms

Corey Congilio’s “50 Blues Rhythms You MUST Know

“You’ll learn a truckload of new voicings, new rhythmic patterns, new fills and even new right-hand techniques, all of which can be combined, transcribed and crafted into countless blues applications,” Susan Palmer.

Jason Loughlin

Jason Loughlins Take 5

Jason Loughlin’s “Take 5: Blues Chord Melody

“You’ll start the course with a quick primer where Jason will introduce you to dominant seventh inversions, using substitutions, harmonizing the blues scale, contrary motion and altered chords — all in an effort to add more harmonic depth to your blues solos,” Susan Palmer.

Mimi Fox

Jazz Trio Comping Mimi Fox

Mimi Fox’s “Jazz Trio Comping”

“Chord selection, locking in with the rhythm section, playing in different meters, establishing the harmonic texture and character of the tune — these are all crucial responsibilities,” Susan Palmer.

Mimi Fox's "Flying Solo"

Mimi Fox Flying Solo

Mimi Fox’s “Flying Solo”

“Mimi covers it all in Flying Solo; you will learn how to play solo jazz guitar utilizing integrated walking bass lines within both blues and standard jazz styles; playing Latin grooves; the effective use of odd meters; advanced melodic and harmonic concepts; the use of voice leading within solos; chord soloing; integrated soloing in blues, standard and bossa styles; chordal development; the importance of developing strong intros and endings; the effective integration of texture and dynamics; major, minor and dominant substitutions; rubato playing; utilizing harmonics and open strings; improvisation; and a special two-part section on arranging pieces utilizing a composer’s mindset,” Susan Palmer.

Sheryl Bailey

Trading Solos

Sheryl Bailey’s “Trading Solos: Bebop”

“For each of the five bebop progression jam tracks, Sheryl will show you a handful of licks and comping approaches that you can use. Then, you’ll take turns applying those ideas, trading solos and comping for each other,” Susan Palmer.

Fareed Haque

FareedHaque's Jazz Comping

Fareed Haque’s “Jazz Comping Survival Guide

“Fareed Haque’s Jazz Comping Survival Guide is based on a very simple, yet far-reaching concept; building chords from the inside out. Your tutelage begins with basic guide tones and an intuitive system for building your chord vocabulary with extensions until you’ve rapidly acquired and have command of ALL of the chords and colors used by jazz guitarists,” Susan Palmer.

Frank Vignola

Frank Vignola’s “30 Jazz Turnarounds”

“Jazz guitar players need a wide and diverse vocabulary of turnarounds to spice up their comping for the vocalists and soloists in the band. In this collection of 30 Jazz Turnarounds, Frank Vignola stocks your inventory with a wide variety of diverse turnarounds that will take your comping skills to the next level on the gig or at the jam,” Susan Palmer.

Matthieu Brandt

Guitar Lab

Matthieu Brandt’s “Guitar Lab: Triads and Hendrixian Double Stops

“The first part of this course will give you the theoretical backbone of the triadic system. It’s a fresh look at the fret board, which will be used in about 20 different songs in the second part of the course. In the last part we’ll dig deep into Hendrix’ challenging style of accompaniment / solo,” Susan Palmer.

Andrew Ford

50 R&B Bass Groves

Andrew Ford’s “50 R&B Bass Grooves You MUST Know

“Andrew presents the material and connects the dots in such a way that you’ll be able to apply the underlying techniques, rhythms and bass grooves in whatever style of music you play today. Consider these 50 bass lessons as your personal rite of passage to the land of groove,” Susan Palmer.

In Summary

TrueFire offers a 30 day free trial which gives you the opportunity to access all of the courses and videos.

After the 30 days you can continue your membership for $19 per month or $199 per year. This is a great value when compared to face-to-face private lessons, as mentioned above.

The quality of the videos and the instructors make TrueFire’s lesson well worth the cost.

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