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TrueFire’s Video Lessons

Video Lessons with SoundSlice

TrueFire’s website is easy to navigate with high definition photos and videos. The lessons feature multiple angles providing close-up views of the guitarist’s hands as he/she plays. They also use SoundSlice which is a music learning platform with interactive music notation. As the teacher plays through a lesson, in a different camera angle, Soundslice follows the music notation or chord chart as the music is being played. TrueFire has teamed up with SoundSlice to provide the best way to learn any song.

TrueFire Lesson Video Views
Music & Tabs

TrueFire is currently focused on teaching techniques instead of learning numerous songs so that the guitarists are able to apply their skills in any situation. This could be a negative for a guitarist who just wants to learn songs, but it is a plus for someone who has the dream of playing professionally.

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