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What Is Retro Music?

Retro MusicRetro Music is not necessarily about Babyboomers. It’s a term that seems to be floating around. What does it actually mean? Is there a difference between Retro Music and Modern Retro Music?

Modern Retro Music

Modern Retro Music is music that has been newly created but sounds like it was crafted in a different era.

The younger generation is discovering Retro Music as a new sound. Many younger artists are taking the older styles and adding their own twist making it Modern Retro Music, such as The Pipettes and The Raveonettes. These two bands are very different yet both Retro. The Pipettes give off a vibe that is almost identical to some of the girl bands in the 60s. You can tell by listening to The Raveonettes that they have an abiding love for the Ronettes. The Revivalists, on the other hand, use many different styles in craft their version of Modern Retro Music

Retro Music

Retro music can be songs that you listened to in your youth, times that brought laughter or tears, or even anger. It could be theRetro Music - Photo-by-Elviss-Railijs-Bitāns-from-Pexels actual song you heard in the past or a remake, like “I’ve Got My Mind Set on You” by James Ray originally recorded by George Harrison, or the many covers of “I Who Have Nothing” by Ben E. King (1963).

Retro songs can touch you in ways that don’t touch the person next to you. It connects with the feelings of your past. You can relive a moment, a day, an evening, a summer, or even a lifetime. Your connection may be age-dependent, whether it’s the actual song or just the vibe, you could be transported back in time to a specific event where you can relive the emotions of heartbreak, tragedy, or love.

Some of us, in the older generation, are also writing new songs with the flavor we grew up with.

Al Green, Lennon, Cat Stevens, Rolling Stones,  Smoky Robinson, Curtis Mayfield, so name a few.

Curtis Mayfield is one of Larry’s all-time favorites from his youth. He was one of the most influential musicians behind soul music. He began as a songwriter, then, created The Impressions, and later went on to achieve success as a solo artist, movie producer, and record label owner.

Larry S. Warfield’s Retro Style

Larry was also influenced by the music greats like Bill Withers, Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Stephen Stills, and Richie Havens.

“They brought an original, creative and engaging new musical interpretation of the human experience.” – Larry S. Warfield

You can hear a similar interpretation of life in Larry’s original songs.

Some of his music has a country flavor. Still, others have a jazzy, pop, or blues feel.  He also has a substantial volume of Christian and worship songs. Larry’s songs weave life’s ups and downs into the lyrics that pull on your heartstrings.

His original songs will encourage and inspire while entertaining you.

Larry S. Warfield’s Modern Retro Songs are the perfect mix of catchy 60’s or 70’s vibe, country, and jazz combined with a modern twist! An anomaly that simply just works.

by Dena Warfield

Listening To Music

Listening-PleasureLearn how to evaluate Song Clips as an expert by following our sampling tips.  Sampling songs is very similar to the sampling of fine wine. First of all, you’ll need the right setting that is free from distractions to get the full flavor of the music.

The right environment enhances your listening pleasure. In contrast, a noisy or crowded room where kids or pets are romping and playing will make it difficult to hear and concentrate on the nuances of Larry S. Warfield’s Original Songs.

If you are one that enjoys the sound of the waves from the ocean or the gentle slaps of the water against the lakeshore, take your SmartPhone to the shoreline. Find a nice shady, comfortable place. Pull up the website and start the player.

Or perhaps you can shoo the kids and pets outside and curl up in your comfy place for a rewarding musical experience.

Listening Tips

Many people view listening to music as a passive experience. In contrast, listening can also be an active process where much can be learned from different types of music. The lyrics also give you a glimpse into the songwriter’s soul, his life, his hopes, and dreams, his sorrows, and joys. Continue with the Listening Tips Below the player.

  • Once your listening conditions are as close to neutral as possible, your next step is to find a comfortable chair or recliner or by the lake as mentioned above where you can listen without distraction.
  • Start the audio player on the first song.
  • Close your eyes and picture the scene being described in the lyrics.
  • Feel the emotions.
  • Listen to the rhythm and melody of the Song Clips.
  • When all Song Clips have played, decide which is your favorite.
  • Furthermore, you may need to listen to the Clips several times to determine your choice.


by Dena Warfield

Alone Again

Alone Again sad-woman-in-forest-2Adrianna sits on the porch overlooking her forest yard that leads down to the lake. She thinks about his original song, “Over The Cliff Again.” He’s always throwing it in her face. 

The Cicadas Sing Their Song

It’s quiet, only the critters singing their songs. It registers that the cicadas seem to be louder this morning. It is the South, after all. It’s warm, but not as humidly hot as it will be in just a few hours.

Tears begin making tracks down her face.  She brushes them away, but they keep coming. The trust she had tried so hard to build with him just came tumbling down like the block towers her son used to build when he was about two. How could this have happened? Why, she kept asking herself?

I’ll Do It My Way

He only sees it from his point of view, “I’ll do what I want when I want, I’m doing this for us,” his usual excuse. He wants to know everything she does, where she is, where she’s going, who she’s going to meet, what she’s going to do, yet, it’s perfectly acceptable for him to lie to her.

His word doesn’t seem to mean anything. It seems to be just something to keep her appeased, so she’ll stay off his back. But what he doesn’t realize is that it doesn’t appease her. Every time he does this it takes a bite out of her trust. She has a really long fuse, but it’s burning down quickly, there’s not much left.

Still Alone

After years of “I’ll be finished soon” or “Sure, I’ll stop…on my way home” or “Just a few more minutes” that turn into hours while she sits alone. Her trust has worn thin. She’s just about to the place where she could walk away and never have a second thought and never look back. The broken promises, the lies she’s been told, the insensitivity has taken its toll.

He sings the song “Over The Cliff Again” mangled and in flames. Why? He’s the one who’s doing exactly what he wants to do with no regard for anyone else. Why is he mangled and in flames? He sits in his studio singing and recording his songs totally oblivious to anything or anyone else around him. She could leave right now, and he wouldn’t miss her for days unless the house isn’t cleaned or food cooked.

eye with tearsAdrianna wipes the latest tears from her cheeks then walks down the steps to the path that leads to the lake. The boat is tied to the dock bobbing up and down with the occasional wave from the wind that seems to be picking up. She looks longingly at the boat. She’s never taken it out alone before, but she knows how to start the motor. “The car is still parked on the other side. The keys are hidden on the bumper,” she tells herself out loud.





Dena Warfield



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Larry S. Warfield - An Indy MusicianLarry S. Warfield – I am


I am called “The All Music Things Guy” because I have my musical fingers in All Things Music. I started playing the guitar at the age of 10. Over the years I have played acoustic, electric, and acoustic-electric guitars. In fact, I play all of the guitar parts (acoustic, electric, bass, and ukulele) and keyboard parts live in all of my recordings.

Recording and Mastering

I write all of the lyrics and music for all of my songs. For several years I have been working to perfect my recording and mastering skills.


I have taught guitar lessons. I discovered that isn’t as much my thing as other parts of music so I enjoy referring budding musicians to good teachers online.


In my unique and original songs,  you will hear a “somewhat edge style” that was influenced by some of the musical greats like Bill Withers, Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Stephen Stills, and Richie Havens. To me, their music brings a musical interpretation of their personal story, sharing their emotions in the lyrics and the music. That is what I try to bring in my own songs.

For several years during and after college I sang with a band called “The Soulful Six” in Eugene, Oregon. Later, as my singer-songwriter persona took over, I began writing, recording, and singing my originals every opportunity that presented itself.

I started playing the guitar and writing music at an early age, but as happens with so many of us, life got in the way and my music was put on hold. Now, in my original songs, I bring my interpretation of life with a new upbeat flair that I hope everyone will enjoy.

Most of my music has a somewhat country flavor while others have more of a jazzy or a blues feel. No matter, you will enjoy the ride. Sit back and relax as you sample the Song Clips of my original songs. Click above to get a FREE MP3 of my latest original, “Hiding in Plain Sight.”

I am a storyteller who weaves life’s ups and downs into lyrics that are guaranteed to pull on your heartstrings. My original songs are designed to encourage and inspire while, at the same time, entertaining you.

Email me. Tell me about your singing, songwriting, performing, and recording experiences.

Hiding In Plain Sight

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Over The Cliff Again