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Trying to figure out the best way to learn to play guitar? Personal teacher? Online? YouTube? In school? Kudos to you. Learning to play an instrument, guitar, keyboard, or any other instrument, is a great decision. In the following pages we will look at both pros and cons about the online guitar lessons and their cost.

Research shows that learning to play an instrument “helps improve your memory. It can enhance verbal memory, spatial reasoning and literacy skills. Playing an instrument makes you use both sides of your brain, which strengthens memory power.”

“I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning.” Plato

Learning to play an instrument can be difficult without the help of a good teacher. In days past most people learned to play with a face-to-face teacher. Many parents thought music lessons were essential and started lessons at a very early age. In fact, I was age 4 when I started taking lessons. The teacher had to teach me the alphabet before I could learn music.

Today is a totally different story. Yes, you can learn with a face-to-face teacher, but learning online is has proven to be one of the best ways to learn.

I remember way back when I sat with a teacher every week. If for some reason I didn’t get it, which is often the case at very early ages, I would try to practice what I thought my teacher had said only to find I didn’t understand or just didn’t pay attention when I was being shown how and what to do it.

When your lessons are on video, you can play them over and over until you have the technique down. Also, playing with Jam Tracks is so much more fun than sitting in a room by yourself trying to pick out the chords and melodies., as you’ve guessed by the title, is about All Music Things. In this series of articles, we will be review guitar lessons from different companies to give you options when you start your journey to being a musician.

We will also be reviewing guitars and other instruments to assist you on your journey to musicianship.
Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from companies when you click on our links pointing to them. Both of the authors on this site are musicians. Our reviews are recommendations of the courses and companies we believe are worth your time and money.

Learning Path True Fire

TrueFire offers and accelerated learning program for beginning, intermediate, and advanced guitarists.

They opened their doors in 1991. Since then they have risen to the top of companies  teaching guitar by video with 40,000+ courses in their library. Over the years they have collaborated with more than 600+ world-renowned guitarists and educators.

Their courses are especially designed for the different skill levels. The Learning Path System assesses your current skill level and designs a personalized course of video lessons. All lessons are taught by world-class guitarists and teachers with the goal of moving you quickly to the next skill level.

You will find beginning, intermediate, and advanced lessons in all styles. TrueFire’s unique Learning Method covers the lessons in bite-sized then demonstrates the principles or methods with a jam track so you can hear how it sounds in real time. You will practice along with the instructor and the jam track.

TrueFire’s also provides a tracking system to keep you on track to finish you course. The multi-angle videos plus all the other tools are provided to help you advance rapidly.

Beginning Guitar Lessons

First Steps To Learn Guitar

Next Level Guitar Lessons

Guitar Quick Start

The First Steps To Learning Guitar, in TrueFire’s Learning Path System is on the house. It’s FREE!! Always!! TrueFire offers a lot for the beginning guitarist to get them started right. They also provide practice jam tracks which will help you progress quickly.
The Next Level Guitar Lessons you will expand your chord vocabulary with arpeggiate chords, a single-note picking technique, and your first scale. You will also learn how to incorporate rests into your strumming. To finish up the course you will learn to play two more popular songs using the chords and picking technique that you learned.
Guitar Quick Start is for guitarist who have some basic skills.  They need to know several chords and strumming patterns and be able to play several songs and single-note lines. The Guitar Quick Start lessons vary according to the style chosen and will get you on the right path for your chosen style.

Guitar Style Lessons

Each Learning Path has been specifically designed to give you the skills needed for that particular style of playing and to help you advance to the next level quickly.

There are also supplementary courses and materials that will facilitate your learning.

Sample Intermediate Lessons

Best Online Guitar Lessons Practice with Jam Tracks

TrueFire’s “In The Jam” delivers jam tracks for you to practice with and you are in control of the mix. This unique experience puts you in the jam with the top artists in the recording. Each edition contains 10 multi-track video jams. You have the ability to mute, solo, and adjust the volumes. You will also receive lead sheet charts with chord changes. It also contains the artist’s commentary from you additional learning.

Choose your instructor!!

TrueFire has the Best Online Guitar Lessons because you have the option of taking private video lessons when needed.

Are you ready to take you music to the next level? If so, private online lessons and consultations from one or more of the top instructors will be help you achieve your goal. You can choose the educator who specializes in the style or instrument you want to master.

After you choose your instructor you can set up an individual lesson or ongoing lesson. With TrueFire’s patented learning tools, you will be able to communicate privately with your instructor.

TrueFire’s private lessons are conducted via video messaging which allows you to overcome many of the problems with private lessons, such as, scheduling, time constraints, performance pressures, and connectivity problems.

You can take up to a year of learning at your own pace or accelerate your learning schedule while working with a top educator.

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