June 2018

The Indie Artist – ‘Independent Artist’

LarrySWarfield Indie Artist

The term Indie Artist, coined in the ’80s by the media, is short for ‘Independent Artist’.  It describes the band or singer-songwriter who records and releases their own records or albums released under independent labels. Often times, the Indie Artist writes lyrics that are “rawer” than that of the mainstream. The “Indie Artist” has come to describe a unique sound, different from the major labels. They… Read More »The Indie Artist – ‘Independent Artist’

Larry S. Warfield – Midday Radio Show

That Midday Show

THAT MIDDAY SHOW INTERVIEW I was very excited about appearing on the UNSIGNED radio program, singing four of my original songs. THAT MIDDAY SHOW was my first songwriter interview appearance. The full broadcast was approximately 50 mins long and included a description of my music and songwriting background, style, inspiration, and methods. The original songs I sang represent different styles, which I incorporate in my songwriting. I also sang song… Read More »Larry S. Warfield – Midday Radio Show