March 2019

The Indie Musician or DIY Musician

The term Indie Musician or the DIY Musician, as described in the first article, was coined in the 80’s short for “Independent Artist”. They were usually singer-songwriters or band who recorded and released their own records independently of the music moguls. The self-motivated Indie Artist doesn’t wait around for someone to tell them what to do or how to do it, a person with a Do… Read More »The Indie Musician or DIY Musician

Get Your Music Played Online

The Next Big Music Star – Maybe Will taking charge of your own music career, DIY, turn you into a well-paid star overnight? Probably not. Yet, it is possible. It takes a lot of motivation and sticktoitiveness. Most people don’t have that much, do you? We’re going to look at two current musical stars. One gained his stardom online before landing a contract. The other… Read More »Get Your Music Played Online