Get Started The Right Way With Guitar Lessons

Where To Start

Are you trying to find guitar lessons to help you realize your musical dream – no matter the style of guitar playing you want to learn? Look no further!!

No matter whether you’re a beginning, an intermediate or advanced guitarist wanting a refresher, the Learning Path will help you identify what you already know, where you want to go and your starting point.

The Learning Path System will help you determine your current level of proficiency and design a personalized program of studies for you through video lessons. The Sure-Fire 10-Step Method is available for Beginners to ensure they get started correctly…and it’s FREE

The full Core Curriculum is laid out, as well as, Supplementary Courses that are available to assist you in polishing your skill.

Learn Guitar: First Steps - TrueFire

Learning Paths For Guitar Lessons

TrueFire’s Learning Paths will help you advance to the next level with an accelerated hands-on study plan which will help you track your progress using their specifically designed “Track”-er.

The best part is that the “First Step” of each Learning Path is FREE!! This gives you an idea of what to expect throughout the course.

You will be glad to hear that most of your lessons will be playing, not reading music, no boring exercises or tedious theory.

All classes at TrueFire are taught by world-class artists and educators. Their lesson library consists of over 40,000 video lessons.

You will be playing the guitar before you know it.