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In The Jam – Practicing With Jam Tracks

TrueFire also provides a wide array of Jam Tracks that are fully-adjustable for practice playing with a band. On their website, they offer 200 free jam tracks and embedded pdf chart that you can stream for free. This gives you the opportunity to sample the tracks FREE. Or, you can purchase the full Jam Track Library.

TrueFire’s In The Jam provides an exceptional jamming experience for the practicing musician. The Jam is different from any other on the market. It is the next best thing to practicing with a live band. And you will be practicing with some of the top artists. 

Each edition of In The Jam is uniquely organized with  10 multi-track video jams separated into video and audio tracks for each instrument.

You can adjust the video for your ultimate experience by muting, soloing, or adjusting the volume of all of the tracks. Plus, each jam includes a lead sheet chart showing the chord changes and the general structure of the jam.

A Live Band Experience

There’s no better way to develop your improvisational skills than getting up on the bandstand and jamming with a solid rhythm section and other players. In The Jam brings that bandstand into your practice room!

Jam Tracks are available with the purchased lessons or you can purchase the Jam Tracks in a bundle.

The best part, though, on TrueFire’s website you can play the Jam Tracks for free!!

Now, how good is that.

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