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Many musicians have found that being a DIY Musician is the answer to getting their music heard.

The big problem is that many of us believe what the music execs tell us about having a successful music career. The advice given by the “music experts” is totally one-sided from their point-of-view, their “bottom line”. They do not consider the musician.

Yes, the music industry is in business to make money, all companies are. But, they are casting a wide net to see who they catch.

They are looking for specific people, with a specific image that they can use to make them the most money. Even in the songs, they are looking for specifics and if you don’t or can’t provide it, you’re out.

Do they care about the smaller fish in the big ocean of talent? No, not really.  So the DIY Musician has to launch into the music business on his/her own.

They are looking for the person who can fit into their mold, the total package. How many times have we heard the story about a girl who tries out for a part and has the voice, talent, but won’t fit into the costume?  It’s not exclusively about talent.

That’s fine, but what about the rest of the talented singer, songwriters, and performers? Are they just out of luck?

The Music Industry Is Changing

With the rise of the internet, the Music Industry, as a whole, is changing. More people are listening to music streaming, creating their own playlist on Spotify, iTunes, or YouTube. The day of the CD is dwindling quickly. Vinyl records seem to be making a reappearance but more for collectors.

Music is in the streaming.

This opens an even wider door for the DIY Musician.

What’s the catch?

DIY is not easy. It requires work. According to the Digital Music News DIY Musicians and Indy Artists often think that the internet and social media will eventually connect them with their audience naturally. That is also not true. It takes a lot of work to establish your brand and identity on the internet.

What do I need?

They say that a little knowledge can be dangerous. Well, a little knowledge about how the internet and searches work will not increase your name popping up in “long-tail” searches in Google.

These are things that you do have to have in place:

  • Website
  • SEO/Keywords
  • Keyword Research
  • Blog
  • Social Media Marketing
  • PLUS Your Music – as good as you can make it

If you don’t know how to do these things, do your research online to see if it’s something you can learn.

“But I don’t want to take my time away from my music.” Then find someone who can help you. All musicians today, whether you are gigging in your local area, recording your own music, it doesn’t matter. You have to have a website or at least a Facebook page to begin building your fan base.

Even if you don’t have a website, a Facebook page is a way to connect with people who like your music.

No, it’s not easy but it is well within your reach as a DIY Musician. Stay Tuned. More Tomorrow.

by Dena Warfield