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Tommy Emmanuel, an Australian guitarist known for his complex fingerstyle technique, energetic performances, and the use of percussive effects on the guitar, has achieved enough musical milestones to satisfy several lifetimes. He has now been playing professionally for almost 60 years. He started playing guitar at age 4 he was taught to accompany his mother while she played the lap guitar. By age of 6, he was touring Australia with his family band. By 30, he was a rock lead guitarist playing stadiums.

At 44, he was one of five people named a Certified Guitar Player (CGP) by Chet Atkins, Tommy’s musical idol who influenced the development of his solo style, which Today, he plays sold-out solo shows from Nashville to Sydney to London. His solo guitar performance includes the sounds of a whole band: drums, bass, rhythm, lead guitar, and vocal melody simultaneously. While some artists take full bands on the road, Tommy builds his band entirely on his own with no overdubs or loops.

In Tommy’s travels, he meets guitarists of all levels. Some have been playing guitar for a long time, while others are beginners. No matter your current level, Tommy’s fingerstyle series, Fingerstyle Milestone, and Fingerstyle Breakthroughs, will help you develop your Fingerstyle picking.

In the Fingerstyle Milestone, you will learn skills to get the thumb going, as well as, develop the independence of your right hand. In the orientation section, Tommy discusses different guitars, where they are used, strings, and thumb picks. In the second section, you will begin to learn the different sounds, like the boomchick made with the thumb, the importance of the thumb angle, and where to put your thumb pick. In the third and fourth sections, you will learn how to combine all of the movements to create the desired sounds while applying them to familiar songs.

Guitar students worldwide wonder if the “six-string-magic” Tommy creates with his guitar is even possible. Even the more advanced guitarists struggle to imitate his fretboard techniques and finesse. All the video lessons, tabs, and notation will only get you so far. But, Tommy Emmanuel’s new interactive video courses, Fingerstyle Milestones, and Fingerstyle Breakthrough, will help you achieve your dream of playing Fingerstyle Guitar.

In Tommy’s TrueFire Channel – Up Close & Personal,  you will learn how to play his songs. He also shares some of his guitar tips and reveals how to solve the mysteries of playing guitar as he does.

Tommy does a deep dive into the inspiration behind a lot of his wordless stories.

He performs and teaches from The Best of Tommy songs, containing many of his best original works, plus many previously unreleased songs. Tommy solely wrote, produced, and recorded all of the tracks on this record.

In Tommy’s Up Close & Personal Channel, he teaches many fan-favorite songs, such as Halfway Home, Lewis & Clark, Endless Road, Cowboy’s Dream, Mombassa, It’s Never Too Late, and many other fan favorites. Plus, previously unreleased songs such as The Wide Ocean, Timberland, Sail On, and Song for a Rainy Morning. This learning experience is exclusively available only on his channel.

In addition to “up close and personal” videos with Tommy covering technique, tips, and insights, subscribers will have access to Tommy’s master library tabs covering dozens and dozens of Tommy’s songs. 

Tommy will also be posting new videos and lessons every month. Subscribe now and get Up Close & Personal with Tommy Emmanuel on TrueFire!

Tommy now has a second subscription option that features all of the channel offerings, PLUS a monthly Zoom Workshop. Choose the subscription that’s right for you!

 Click to watch and listen to clips of some of Tommy’s courses below.