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I was very excited about appearing on the UNSIGNED radio program, singing four of my original songs. THAT MIDDAY SHOW was my first songwriter interview appearance. The full broadcast was approximately 50 mins long and included a description of my music and songwriting background, style, inspiration, and methods. The original songs I sang represent different styles, which I incorporate in my songwriting. I also sang song clips of some of my other songs as examples. The full podcast is available below.


That-Midday-ShowMy first Live Radio Singer-Songwriter Interview… I got to talk about some of my songwriting processes and experiences and sang four of my original songs LIVE!!!


“We welcome Larry Warfield as our first guest. He talks with us about his songwriting process and sings “Smokey Mountain Bears,” “Father Forgive Me,” and “Now I’m Thinking.”

Listen to the full podcast below. My original songs are played toward the end of the program.

That Midday ShowSouthern Fried Radio Network

That Midday Show is a show that airs weekly on the Southern Fried Radio Network – a Podcast Network. A Podcast Network, then, is talk radio featuring podcasts that you can air wherever and whenever you want.

That Midday Show Formerly aired on WOZO Radio in Knoxville, TN, now part of the Southern Fried Radio Network. That Midday Show describes itself as a Podcast, talking about topics such as Comedy, Geek, Nerd, and Pop Culture. They also throw in musicians to give their listeners a taste of the local musical flavors. Recently they added WWE, Wrestlemania 34, and for the “cat-lovers” a Cat Show.

“Southern Fried Radio Network, based in Knoxville, TN, is a podcast network presenting a variety of podcasts to listeners. Shows are produced in both Knoxville, TN, and in the LA area. The shows on the network cover everything from news and politics to pop culture, sports, and everything in between. SFR shows can be found on iTunes, Google Play, TuneIn Radio, and Stitcher Radio.” Find out more about the network check out

by Larry S. Warfield

About Us

Larry and Dena Warfield

“Larry Warfield’s Modern Retro Sound is a tasteful blend of R&B and Country, simmered with a Jazz flavor. Follow his journey in creating an online fanbase. How? Entertainment + Engagement.”

Larry S. Warfield

Songwriter, Lessons, Instruments, Recording, Mastering, everything you need-Get your FREE MP3.

Larry S. Warfield Music presents Retro Style Original Songs. Get a free MP3 of my latest song – Hiding in Plain Sight. It’s also available on iTunes.

Furthermore, join me on My Journey. See who I am and where I’ve been to get to where I am now. My original songs are filled with emotions that reflect my experiences and my stories.

Are you ready to start your journey? Or are you having problems getting to where you want to be in your music? 

Larry S. Warfield - An Indy MusicianLarry S. Warfield – I am a Musician

I am called “The All Music Things Guy” because I have my musical fingers in All Things Music. I started playing the guitar at the age of 10. Over the years I have played acoustic, electric, and acoustic-electric guitars. In fact, I play all of the guitar parts (acoustic, electric, bass, and ukulele) and keyboard parts live in all of my recordings.

Recording and Mastering

I write all of the lyrics and music for all of my songs. For several years I have been working to perfect my recording and mastering skills.


I have taught guitar lessons. I discovered that isn’t as much my thing as other parts of music so I enjoy referring budding musicians to good teachers online.

To Play The below songs, click on the name of the song. The player will open.  If you would like to download a copy of the MP3 click the three dots on the side of the player.


In my unique and original songs,  you will hear a “somewhat edge style” that was influenced by some of the musical greats like Bill Withers, Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Stephen Stills, and Richie Havens. To me, their music brings a musical interpretation of their personal story, sharing their emotions in the lyrics and the music. That is what I try to bring in my own songs.

For several years during and after college I sang with a band called “The Soulful Six” in Eugene, Oregon. Later, as my singer-songwriter persona took over, I began writing, recording, and singing my originals every opportunity that presented itself.

I started playing the guitar and writing music at an early age, but as happens with so many of us, life got in the way and my music was put on hold. Now, in my original songs, I bring my interpretation of life with a new upbeat flair that I hope everyone will enjoy.

Most of my music has a somewhat country flavor while others have more of a jazzy or a blues feel. No matter, you will enjoy the ride. Sit back and relax as you sample the Song Clips of my original songs. Click above to get a FREE MP3 of my latest original, “Hiding in Plain Sight.”

I am a storyteller who weaves life’s ups and downs into lyrics that are guaranteed to pull on your heartstrings. My original songs are designed to encourage and inspire while, at the same time, entertaining you.

Email me. Tell me about your singing, songwriting, performing, and recording experiences.

As you read each of the stories about us, you will see from each of our stories, we have both been musicians from an early age.

Dena Warfield

Dena spent approximately 40 years in office management and as a programmer analyst working in both the private sector and county government plus several years of recovery,  I returned to college earning a Master’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s in  Creative Writing.

Since graduation, I co-owned and managed a direct marketing company, with my husband, working, primarily, with regional news organizations.  I managed the business office, human resources, and helped with training and marketing.  Coaching employees to help them overcome adversity in sales and achieve their desired results became one of my main responsibilities.

I still have a desire is to help others achieve their goals and overcome negative situations in their lives. Using my coaching and self-coaching experience, I develop a self-coaching approach to helping people. Many people have the motivation to change once given the right material


I earned my Master’s Degree in Human Behavior and a Master’s in Creative Writing from National University in San Diego, California.  I have also completed a certification program from AWAI (American Writers & Artists Inc., Delray Beach, FL.) with a focus in copywriting for the web and Certification in Life Coaching.


I authored a self-help book designed to assist people in changing their negative thoughts and core beliefs. The techniques described in my book were used to help our sales reps to become more successful.  My book is currently for sale on – “Rewrite Your Me-Movie”.